Station Manager

Julie Heise-VanderLaan

616 878-6873

Assistant Station Manager

Patrick Vidro

616 878-6864

Production Assistants

Andrew Dosenberry

Justin Kendall

Jesse Shira

Anna VanderLaan



Rod Kuznicki  (Business)


Tim Tobolic (Business)

Board Members:

Louise Evans (Township)

Dick Haaksma (Community Member)

Jim Hoekstra (South Christian High School)

Greg Reinstein (Byron Center High School)

Bonnie Rozema (Community Member)

BCTV is Byron Township’s educational access television station which airs on Comcast Cable channel 25. The station’s goal is to provide educational programming that supports and promotes the values of Byron Township. BCTV is located in Byron Center’s public high school. The majority of programs that air on BCTV are locally produced through Byron Center’s public and parochial school districts.